A Winter Wedding: 10 Reasons Why

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December 20, 2023
Joe Mallen Photography

With Winter certainly in full swing and Christmas just around the corner, we are bringing to you 10 reasons why a Winter Wedding should be on your radar.

The term 'Wedding Season' always seems to be thrown around and considered to be during the warmer times of the year. It's certainly no secret that the majority of weddings occur during the Summer months, but, why should we segregate Winter and consider it to be 'out of season'?

Granted, you might be someone who loves to bask in the sun or perhaps, someone who becomes overly hot too quickly? It's understandable that everyone has a preference and thus, a decision is always based upon these elements. However, the sole purpose of this blog is to show you why a Winter Wedding can often be overlooked and therefore, highlight those hidden treasures for you to consider.

1. An opportunity to incorporate a festive theme

Understandably, it was only right to start with this reason. If you or your partner are Christmas lovers and festivities are something you love to be surrounded by, a December wedding might be just the thing you need. Whether its due to the additional decor options; those classic colours or simply, a Christmas tree to comfort you and your guests, it screams excitement.

2. Hot Chocolate Station

If you're anything like me, hot chocolates are always a go-to during Winter. Perhaps you want to warm your guests up with something chocolatey and homely? A winter wedding can offer you the perfect excuse for a hot chocolate station - maybe you could add your favourite liqueur or spirit? Whatever the reason, a station filled with a nostalgic buzz sounds like the perfect addition to your wedding day.

3. Accessories you can add to your bridal look

Winter Weddings come with frost, low temperatures and extra layers and there always seems to be one accessory that makes itself known at this time of the year - a faux fur shawl. Cosy, warm and adding a whole new layer and element to your bridal look!

4. An extra sparkle

Here at The Old Mill, we love our fairy lights and festoon lighting - it gives a real, homely character and brightens up all parts of your wedding day. Therefore, with darker evenings, foggier mornings and a duskier feel, a Winter Wedding gives you even more reason to add fairy lights, candles and that extra bit of sparkle to your wedding theme.

5. Wildlife at The Old Mill

We are lucky to be surrounded by so much nature at The Old Mill. With so many animals calling it their home, they always seem to show themselves more during the colder months. A family of swans begin looking for their next place to nest in preparation for Spring and herons are always on the hunt for fish and other places to wait patiently. If you're a lover of nature or enjoy the idea of a venue nestled amongst the countryside, we have you covered!

6. Inspiration for winter-themed drinks

A different season means a different selection of arrival drinks for you and your guests to sip and savour together. From a Kir Royale to a Winter Warmer, or even a Cranberry Blush, we have it all!

7. Less likely to conflict with other social plans

As we welcome a new year and the cold and crisp air continues to make our grounds sparkle, it becomes a time where social calendars seem a little more sparse. Make your wedding something your guests can look forward to as soon as we scream 'Happy New Year'.

Understandably, Summer is a time for beach visits, warm holidays and summer parties out in the sun; making our weekends packed and not a minute to spare. It's likely that a Winter Wedding will ensure all your loved ones are with you to celebrate and what a way to start the year!

'Better Together Sign by The Wed Shed' - Joe Mallen Photography

8. Warm, homely dishes

What's better than a warm, tasty menu for your guests to experience at your wedding? A Winter experience like no other. This sticky toffee pudding, made by Foster's Catering, seems like the ideal dessert to treat yourself with.

9. Winter Sun

'Sunset Behind the Mill'

Despite the colder chill and thin air found during Winter, the glow and crisp light can be stunning for your wedding photos and vibe. As the dusky light and cosy settings accompany our stunning surroundings, it's certain that your wedding will be one to look back on and remember.

10. Honeymoon Savings

If you've always dreamt about dashing off on your honeymoon very shortly after your wedding, it's likely that your celebration will save you some pennies. Whether it's a trip to a tropical country to gain some Winter warmth or a mini-moon close to home, it's likely to be quieter, cheaper and all in all, a time where you can truly focus on each other!


Why a Winter Wedding?

If it wasn't already clear, we LOVE all weddings throughout the year at The Old Mill and the differences between the seasons offer us something new to celebrate every month. Our changing grounds, blooming flowerbeds and calm environments allow us to experience new wonders all the time.

A Winter Wedding is no exception - the same, friendly team; the same, stunning location and the same, loved ones present on your guest list. Only difference being, we have an array of reasons why every season should be loved and appreciated equally at The Old Mill, Aldermaston.

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