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After growing up at The Old Mill and following in the footsteps of his parents and grandparents, Jack’s experience and knowledge is valuable to the weddings and events we host here at the venue. With a passion for hospitality and thorough attention to detail, Jack occupies the role of Director, alongside his three siblings. Whilst Jack leads the commerical elements at The Old Mill, he continues to work with his siblings to seek modern improvements and spectacular spaces for our couples and guests to enjoy throughout the year. Thus, keeping the family-run essence at the core of the venue.


As part of the fourth generation to manage  The Old Mill, whilst being known for her creative streak, Evie continues to contribute her visions and ideas to ensure The Old Mill becomes a space for others to love and enjoy; just as she did growing up here.

Her fun and flexible nature provides the venue with an experimental eye, always looking for improvements that align with modern ideas. Therefore, providing our Brides and Grooms with a day to remember and a venue filled with joy and excitement. Whilst managing The Old Mill alongside her siblings, Evie is also the proud owner of The Wed Shed Event Hire. Her variety of on-trend, high-quality pieces are sure to complement your wedding style in more ways than one!


After growing up in the countryside surroundings at The Old Mill and subsequently, learning from generations before him, Edward (better known as Edd) has developed a plethora of experience and knowledge when it comes to ensuring our grounds look spectacular and picture-perfect for our couples. You might also find Edd behind the DJ decks at your wedding as he continues to run his business, DJ Edd Arlott, alongside his management at The Old Mill. Known for his fun and cheeky character, Edd forms good relationships with the staff; contributing to the warm and friendly environment present at The Old Mill.


Nadia’s friendly nature and leadership complements our positive working environment and family-based nature at The Old Mill. Her directing role ensures our team provide an excellent standard for all events and is particularly attentive to the finer details essential for our guests’ experience.

Having seen many changes at The Old Mill over the years, Nadia enjoys to see the venue continuously evolve. Along with her siblings, she is always looking for ways to ensure our Brides and Grooms are given a wedding day to remember with spaces that allow guests to explore  freely, surrounded by stunning features.

Wedding and Events Manager

After welcoming Chris in Spring of 2022, he has become a cherished member of our team and for our Brides and Grooms. With over a decade of experience in hospitality and having coordinated a number of weddings at The Old Mill, Chris continues to ensure all weddings are provided with the highest standard of service for our couples, ensuring their ideas and plans come to life. Chris takes great pride in his work and loves to meet new people; helping them make their dream wedding day, a reality. His fun and outgoing nature is sure to brighten up any room!

Wedding and Events Specialist and Social Media Executive

Lauren is the face behind our social media platforms, the person sharing all our wedding content with you. She loves to capture various elements of the venue and share them in her own, creative way. Lauren’s warm and welcoming nature extends to her role as Wedding and Events Specialist; meeting new couples and coordinating weddings for our Brides and Grooms. She has been a valued member of our team since 2017 and has therefore, seen weddings of all sizes, ideas and traditions at The Old Mill.


We have recently welcomed a new member to The Old Mill team - Oscar. With a keen interest in the horticultural world and his friendly character, Oscar has been appointed the position of Groundsman.

His knowledge, experience and passion for creating beautiful outside spaces will ensure you have idyllic backdrops for your special day. With an abundance of grounds to cultivate and look after, Oscar will enable your guests to be surrounded by the perfect, countryside setting.

Accounts Manager

Since 2014, our accounts manager, Chrissy works hard behind the scenes at The Old Mill. From making sure our couples’ wedding dates are secured to scheduling maintenance visits that ensure the venue remains safe for all of our guests, Chrissy is always happy to help! Her friendly and sociable characteristics are loved by all the staff at The Old Mill - we wish that all of our couples had the pleasure of meeting Chrissy. Whether she is there to answer a phone call or to confirm certain elements for your wedding day, Chrissy’s organisation and friendliness is appreciated by all.


As owner, Diane continues to ensure The Old Mill remains an idyllic location for all events throughout the year. Up until her retirement in 2019, she managed weddings at The Old Mill alongside her late husband, Robin. Together, they coordinated weddings of varying sizes and saw many changes across the venue over the years, including the creation of our conservatory, which now hosts many ceremonies for our couples. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Diane continues to lend her valuable tips to our staff and enjoys to see the venue evolve under the supervision and management of her four children.

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