Autumn at The Old Mill

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November 17, 2023
Joe Mallen Photography

Celebrating Autumn

As we find ourselves coming towards the latter end of Autumn and as Christmas slowly becomes part of our everyday vocabulary, we thought we would celebrate the seasonal changes that we have appreciated here at The Old Mill; sharing those picturesque spots and reaching out to all you Autumn Lovers.

It's no lie that autumnal colours are popular ones. Shop windows turn to an 'orange overload' and pumpkins spring up at any given opportunity and every year, somehow, we're all reminded by the love that we share for this time of year - forgetting how beautiful our countrysides are as they prepare and shed for Winter.

Seasonal Changes at The Old Mill

Though, Autumn tends to feel like it's over in a flash, far quicker than what Summer feels like. Although, we're not complaining whatsoever, we love Summer here at The Old Mill! Check out our Instagram, @theoldmillaldermaston_, it's filled with weddings from our busy Summer period.

Hence, we want to share these seasonal changes with you and make the most out of these stunning colours before they disappear until next year.

Fortunately for us and our surroundings, we have one tree that always gets the love and attention at this time of year by every couple and guest that steps through our doors. Our maple tree. Situated in the centre of our lawn, in all its glory between the flowing streams of the River Kennet; offering the perfect backdrop for your ceremony or drinks reception on the patio. In fact, it has been known to show early signs of its beautiful colours towards the end of August - just at the very tip!

Maple tree at The Old Mill, Aldermaston.

With the air fresher and the orange glow reflected by the leaves, it certainly proves that this time of year is idyllic for a stunning album of wedding photos. Besides, there's less of a need to dab the warmth off your forehead or add that extra layer of powder to your nose, as temperatures will have dropped whilst the sun still shines brightly upon you!

K & M - September 2022


As the days become shorter and the temperatures slowly make their decline, this is when Autumn really says 'HELLO'. The reds, the burnt oranges and the deep pink hues appear, one by one, creating those perfect sweet spots across the venue for your wedding pictures.

However, there's always one thing at this time of the year that is certainly a sight to see - the sunsets. With the sun sitting lower in the sky and therefore, creating even more atmospheric scattering means we get those idyllic photo opportunities towards the end of the day.

C & J - October 2023
The Wedding 'Dip' - C & J (October 2023)

Autumn-themed Decor

Autumn-themed decor at the wedding of C & J - October 2023

A notable stand out element for weddings at this time of the year is the decor. It somehow seems softer on the eye and the warmth of the shades reflect a homely feel for your Wedding Breakfast; perfect for a time spent with your closest family and friends.

In the photo here, it is clear that Autumn has been captured with a keen eye for detail. The banquet style table layout accompanies a variety of decor provided by The Wed Shed, with fresh flowers arranged by Steph Lovell Flowers, adding those finishing touches to the spectacular display of those autumn colours.

To see how these colours might look for circular tables, take a look at The Wed Shed's reel on Instagram - it really does show that there are many ways to create an autumnal tablescape!

Autumnal colours adding stunning features to C & J's wedding cake - October 2023.

Fireworks & Sparklers

Finally, there's one night of the year that particularly sparks (pun not intended) the attention of couples celebrating their wedding at this time - Firework Night! As British Summer Time officially ends and is marked with a change of the clocks, the Autumn daylight is therefore, shortened and thus, allowing more time for those night-time photo opportunities.

Sparklers are a popular addition to a wedding timeline as the final celebration to your day, as your family and friends provide the perfect backdrop and aisle for you to pose for.

Maximise your photo opportunities with sparklers during the evening reception.

As our grounds now prepare for Winter, we are grateful for the weddings we have had the pleasure of hosting this year during the Autumn months. We hope our couples' wedding albums are filled with an autumnal palette that is a joy to look back on in years to come!

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