Simple Ways to Glam Up your Wedding Day

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March 15, 2024
Joe Mallen Photography

Cocktail Hour

A cocktail hour to welcome your evening reception and greet your evening guests can be the perfect way to start the party and add that extra bit of glam to the day. With a variety of cocktails on offer at The Old Mill, paired with the ambience of our outside bar and festoon lighting on the patio, we sure have the ingredients for a wedding cocktail hour of dreams!

Fairy Lights

I know this is a recurring theme across our blogs and social platforms, but really...nothing beats fairly lights! They provide an extra sparkle whilst lighting up backdrops and empty spaces beautifully. The Wed Shed certainly know how to bring life to any space with their twinkling decor.

Joe Mallen Photography

Ceremony Archway

There are an abundance of arches out in the wedding world and they never fail to disappoint. Providing a spectacular border for your wedding pictures or enhancing your venue's features; they're always a stand-out statement piece for your ceremony moment. We love how you can re-use them for other moments during the day - glamming up any space throughout your day!

An Evening Accessory

Some couples enjoy changing into something different for their evening celebrations, however, a simple garment or accessory also has the power to bring a new dimension. Glasses; a slight change of hairstyle; a statement piece of jewellery - these little details can really enhance your excitement!

Joe Mallen Photography

Photo Backdrop

An area dedicated for the photo lovers! Providing a space for your guests to pose and capture the memories can certainly bring an element of fun.

Wedding Breakfast Entrance Song

Traditionally, a newly married couple are introduced to their wedding breakfast with a welcome toast and cheers. However, a popular, fun way to enhance this moment is an entrance song. Perhaps theirs a song that resinates with you and your partner or a party tune that you both love to dance too? Why not make that walk to your seats, a dance to your seats - seems pretty glam to me!

Joe Mallen Photography

With the wedding world continually evolving and with so many wedding styles to choose from, there's always a way that a bit of glam and fun can be embedded into your day!

*all decor featured in these photos belong to The Wed Shed.

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